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How to activate or deactivate the Priority Support in Bold Report?


What is Priority Support?

Bold Reports offers a Priority Support add-on that customers can activate and deactivate when needed. This service addresses the specific needs of customers who require urgent assistance with the configuration, creation, and maintenance of reports with Bold Reports. For more comprehensive details about this service, kindly refer to this datasheet.

Activate Priority Support

To activate the priority support, please refer to the following steps.

1. Log in to the Bold Reports accounts page -
2. Go to the subscription section and click the Manage button.

3. On the subscription page, navigate to the Priority Support section and click the Activate button to activate the priority support.

4. In the confirmation dialog, confirm the card details and click the Make Payment to process the payment.


5. Once the payment is processed successfully, your priority support subscription will be activated.


If card details are not added please refer to the following steps to add new card.

a. Click the add payment link to access the payment page.


b. On the payments page, enter the billing address, card details and save them.

Deactivate Priority Support

To deactivate the priority support, please refer to the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the Priority Support section and this will open a confirmation dialog.
  1. In the confirmation dialog, click the Cancel the Priority Support button to confirm cancellation.

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