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How to Prevent Total Row Column in CSV Export in Bold Reports


As per the RDL standard, when exporting a report to CSV format in Bold Reports, if the tablix has a total row, the total row data will be displayed in a new column towards the right side of the CSV file. This can be prevented by setting the output value of the total row column cell to “No Output” in the Data Element properties. You can use this to disappear the totals in the CSV export.
To achieve this follow the below steps:

  1. Select a tablix that contains the total row in it. Then select the total column cell and navigate to the Data element in the properties pane.


  2. Set the output as “No Output”. Save the report and then preview and export the report to CSV format, the total will not come in a new column, it will be disappeared. But, before applying this Data Element property the total will be displayed in a new column as shown in the following snap.


    Before Exported SNAP:


    After Exported SNAP:

Note: The “No Output” output value can be used to prevent any data from being exported from a data element. This can be useful for hiding sensitive data or for reducing the size of the exported file.

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