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How to localize the parameter label in Bold Reports


Bold Reports allows users to localize parameter labels in reports, allowing for better user experience and understanding the prompts. This feature is particularly useful when users are processing reports in different locations, as it ensures that the parameter labels to be displayed in their preferred language.

In the following example, a separate parameter “Language” has been created. By utilizing the value of the “Language” Parameter, the parameter label has been localized. To achieve this requirement, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new parameter “Language” and set its visibility as “Hidden”.


  2. Set the available values as “Spanish” and “English”.


  3. Set the default values as “Spanish” and save the parameter.


  4. Create another parameter and set its prompt using the following expression, then save it.


    SfExp= SWITCH(Parameters!Language.Value = "English", "Report", Parameters!Language.Value = "Spanish", "Informe")

    This expression checks the value of the “Language” parameter and displays the prompt in the appropriate language. For example, if the user’s language is set to English, the prompt will be displayed as “Report”.

  5. Save the report and preview it to ensure the localization is working correctly.


By passing the default value as English, the parameter will show the prompt in English localization as “Report” as per our condition. Likewise, users can adjust the condition based on their specific requirements by utilizing their machine culture. The Globals!Language variable can be used to determine the current machine culture. You can create a custom expression that evaluates Globals!Language and returns the appropriate prompt label based on the culture.


For example, you can use the Globals!Language expression as follows:

=IIF(Globals!Language = "en-US", "Enter Start Date:", "Entrez la date de début:")

In this example, if the machine culture is set to “en-US,” the prompt label will be “Enter Start Date,” and for any other language, the prompt label will be “Entrez la date de début.”

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