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Embedded Reports and BI Components: Definitions and Roles


In this article, the definitions and roles of various components deployed in an embedded Reports and BI system will be discussed. These components are essential for the proper functioning of the system and provide various functionalities such as report rendering, report design, dashboard design, and data synchronization.

Reports Components

  1. Reports-api: This component is used for all API calls and viewer component functionalities.
  2. Reports-Jobs: This component is used for all scheduling functionalities, such as OnDemand, process, and synchronization schedules.
  3. Reports-Web: This component maintains all the reports server pages.
  4. Reports-reportservice: This service is used for editing the reports. It is purely related to report designing.
  5. Reports-viewer: This service is used for rendering and exporting reports, specifically for previewing and report export actions
  6. id-api: This service provides REST API for managing tenants and is also used for communication between BI and Reports applications.
  7. id-ums: This service is used for managing tenants, users, and authentication.
  8. id-web: This service acts as an Identity Provider for Bold BI and Bold Reports applications.

BI Components

  1. bi-job: This component is responsible for scheduled dashboard exports, data refresh, Windows AD, Azure AD, and database user synchronization.
  2. bi-api: This component provides the Application Programming Interface (API) to configure Bold BI functionality by making REST API calls.
  3. bi-dataservice: This component takes care of rendering dashboards. It communicates with data servers through queries and returns the results to the widgets configured in the dashboard.

By understanding the roles and functionalities of these components, you can better manage and maintain your embedded Reports and BI system.

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