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Can Bold Reports Standalone Designer be Localized to Any Language


Yes, the Bold Reports Standalone Designer provides strong support for localization This allows you to customize the application to different languages and meet the specific requirements of various regions and cultures.
To change the display language, commonly referred to as localization, in your Bold Reports Standalone designer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the installation directory of Bold Reports on your system, for example: << Installed location >>\Bold Reports\Report Designer\Scripts\Localization\reportdesigner.


  2. In the designated folder, locate and open the Default.html file.

  3. Modify the Localization script files to specify your desired language code, such as “en-US,” “de-DE,” or “fr-FR,” as shown in the code snippet below. image.png

    You can only modify the localization for scripts located within the following location. << Installed location >>\Bold Reports\Report Designer\Scripts\Localization\reportdesigner.


  4. Similarly, find the body tag in the same Default.html file and replace the current language code with your desired localization.


  5. After completing these steps, save the changes and restart your Bold Reports Standalone Designer. This will apply the desired localization to the Bold Reports Designer interface.

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