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How can Enable the Admin Role for New/Existing Users with Reporting Site?


To enable the admin role in Bold Reports, you need to follow the steps below and have system administrator rights to make this change.

  1. Log in to your Bold Reports account with administrative access.

Note: Only users belonging to the System Administrator group are empowered to perform user addition, editing, and deletion.

  1. Proceed to the User section of the Bold Reports site. You can access this via the following URL: (http://[domain]/reporting/site/site1/administration/user-management/users).
  2. You can either select an existing user or generate a new user account. Here, created a new user account.
  3. Within the user grid on the user management page, locate the target user and click on the Manage Permissions icon associated with that user.
  4. Click on the Add Permission button on the top right corner of the page.
  5. Within the Add Permission dialog box, click the Add button to assign specific permissions to the user.
  6. The user will now possess the necessary permissions to Read, Write, and Delete across all categories within Bold Reports.
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