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Bold Reports Localization: Arabic Text with Proper Direction


Bold Reports is a powerful reporting tool, and understanding how to set the localization and direction for Arabic content is crucial. This guide will explain a simple process to ensure a smooth experience when using our Report Designer.

Arabic text and elements within the content should flow from right to left to maintain proper readability and alignment. Additionally, selecting the correct Arabic localization ensures that the content is culturally and linguistically appropriate for the target audience, enhancing the user experience.

  • To begin, you need to select the textbox and add the Arabic text. Open the textbox property panel, as shown in the image below. image.png

  • You can achieve this in two ways. In the Localization section, either set RTL (Right-to-Left) from Default in the Direction dropdown or select the desired Arabic locale code in the Language dropdown.

  • Now, you can export the report to see the changes. The report should correctly display the text from right to left, as shown in the snapshot below:image.png image.png

In conclusion, by incorporating these simple measures to adjust the display direction and language in Bold Reports can effectively overcome language barriers. This will allow for the smooth inclusion of RTL languages like Arabic in reports, ensuring their accessibility and global reach.

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