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How to Resolve "Cannot Pass More Than 100 Arguments to a Function" Error in Bold Reports with PostgreSQL


When using Bold Reports with PostgreSQL as the data source, you may encounter an issue when trying to send over a hundred parameter values for dataset filtering. This problem appears in the report viewer with the error message: cannot pass more than 100 arguments to a function, as shown in the provided screenshot.


To avoid this error, concatenate the parameter values into a single string and then split them in the query. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  1. Identify the parameter causing the error in your Bold Reports query designer.

  2. Modify the parameter value using an expression to concatenate the parameter values into a comma-separated string, you can use the following expression:

    Expression: =Join(Parameters!ID.Value, “,”)



  3. Modify the query in the Query Designer using the unnest function as shown in the code snippet below:

    SELECT "public"."example"."id",
    FROM "public"."example"
    WHERE "public"."example"."id" IN (
       SELECT unnest(STRING_TO_ARRAY(@ID,',')::int[])


  4. Save the changes made in the Query Designer and parameter values, then re-run the report to ensure that the issue has been successfully resolved.


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