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How to Create a Dataset with JSONB Values


The JSONB data type is utilized in databases to efficiently store JSON data in a binary format. It is commonly employed in databases like PostgreSQL that support this data type. JSONB is a flexible option for efficiently storing and querying semi-structured or hierarchical data, often represented in JSON format, within a relational database system. The subsequent steps outline the procedure for creating a dataset with JSONB value:

  1. Begin by creating a table in PostgreSQL.
   CREATE TABLE JsonBTable (id serial PRIMARY KEY,jsonbNameAge jsonb;)
  1. Insert JSONB data into the table.
    INSERT INTO JsonBTable (jsonbNameAge) VALUES ('{"name": "John", "age": 32}');
    INSERT INTO JsonBTable VALUES (2,'{"name": "Josh", "age": 29}');
  1. Connect the PostgreSQL and create the dataset.

  2. By following these steps, you will be able to create a report with JSONB columns, as demonstrated in the provided example.


  3. To select a specific field from the JSONB table, switch to code mode in the query designer. image.png
    Use the following syntax to select a specific field from the JSONB table

SELECT <<-jsonb_column::jsonb->>‘field_name’ AS extracted_field

  1. Add a table and incorporate the dataset into the table. Preview the report to view the results.
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