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Breaking changes in Bold Reports Version 5.4.30


This KB article discusses an error that occurs following the upgrade to Bold Reports version 5.4.30. The error message “ExternalServer.GetItems(string, ItemTypeEnum)’: no suitable method found to override” indicates a compatibility issue between your current code and the updated GetItems method in the External Server Controller.

This error occurs because the GetItems method signature in your External Server Controller doesn’t match the updated version of Bold Reports. Version 5.4.30 introduces a new parameter (permissionType) to the GetItems method, which allows for permission-based filtering of category listings in Bold Reports Server.

To resolve this issue, update the GetItems method signature in your code to include the new permissionType parameter. Here’s the updated code snippet:

public override List<CatalogItem> GetItems(string folderName, ItemTypeEnum type, string permissionType)
   // Your implementations 
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