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Adding ETL services in the Bold Reports platform


The primary function of the ETL application is to efficiently extract, transform, and load data from a multitude of disparate data sources into the Bold Reports Data Store database. This process ensures that data is accurately and seamlessly integrated for analysis and reporting purposes within the Bold Reports platform.

The ETL feature is included with Bold Reports by default. If it was not added, please use the following steps to incorporate it into Bold Reports.

Adding the ETL Service in the Bold Reports:

As shown in the image below, first confirm whether the etlservice was added to the IIS application.


Please follow the below steps to add the application:

  1. Right-click on subapp in IIS and click Add Application.


  2. Enter etlservice as the alias name and add the Physical Path as {drive}:\BoldServices\etl\etlservice.



  3. Click OK to continue. Restart the IIS and try again.

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