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Install Bold ETL application on Bold Reports in Windows


Please proceed with the installation of the Bold Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) application onto the Bold Reports.

  1. Select Install Bold ETL Application checkbox in the Deploy Bold ETL installer wizard.


  2. The etl folder will be shipped to the deployment location, and the BoldETLWeb application pool and etlservice will be created in IIS.


  3. To skip the ETL application during the setup installation, you can unselect the above checkbox.

  4. To install the ETL application after the setup installation, you can use the BoldETL.msi from the Bold Reports Installed Location.
    “C:\Program Files (x86) \Bold Reports\Enterprise Reporting\BoldETL”


    Open the command prompt in admin mode and run the BoldETL.msi. The application pool and ETL service will be created properly. If you directly double-click on the MSI and try to install the ETL service, you will face service configuration issues in IIS.

    For example:


  5. For uninstalling the Bold ETL application, you should go to the registry and search for this command:


    Select the above “Uninstall” key and use the CTR + F function to search for Bold ETL or Bold ETL version (for example 6.1.34), retrieve the Uninstall string, and run that command in Command Prompt with administrator privileges.


    Double click on the UninstallString to obtain the full string for MSIExec.exe.
    For example: MsiExec.exe /I{9939B385-B25A-48A0-9A19-8119A43C0C39}.

    Once you have obtained the Uninstall string, change /I to /X.
    For example:

    From: MsiExec.exe /I{9939B385-B25A-48A0-9A19-8119A43C0C39}
    To: MsiExec.exe /X{9939B385-B25A-48A0-9A19-8119A43C0C39}

    Then, execute the command MsiExec.exe /X{9939B385-B25A-48A0-9A19-8119A43C0C39} in the command prompt with administrator mode. Bold ETL application will be uninstalled now.

    For example:


    If you try to uninstall BoldETL.msi via the Windows control panel, you cannot uninstall it directly. If you try to uninstall it directly, the ETL folder will be removed in the deployment location. However, the application pool and etlservice application will not be removed.

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