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Extracting Data from MongoDB Using Query in Bold ETL


This article offers guidance on querying the MongoDB database, converting the results into a pandas DataFrame, and then running the data through the Bold ETL pipeline. This can be achieved by running a Python script.


Ensure you have PyMongo installed on your system. PyMongo is a Python distribution containing tools for working with MongoDB, and it is required to run the Python script. It will be pre-installed in future versions of “Bold Reports”.

Installation commands for different environments are provided below:

Environment Commands
Windows C:\BoldServices\Python39\Scripts\pip.exe install pymongo
Linux pip install pymongo

Python Script for Querying MongoDB:

Below is a sample of Python code for establishing a connection and querying data from MongoDB.

import pandas as pd
import pymongo

clientcon = pymongo.MongoClient("mongodb://user:password@host:port")

# Access the database and collection.
databasename = clientcon["yourdatabasename"]
collectionname = databasename["yourcollectionname"]

# Specify the query
query = {"createdAt": {"$gte": ISODate("2020-03-01"), "$lt": ISODate("2021-03-31")}}
mydoc = collection.find(query) // replace your query here

# Execute the query and process the results

data = list(mydoc)
for doc in data:
        doc['_id'] = str(doc['_id'])
# Convert the dictionaries list into a DataFrame

df = pd.DataFrame(data), table_name="yourtablename")
  • mongodb://user:password@host:port - Update your connection string.
  • yourdatabasename - Update your Database name.
  • yourcollectionname - Update your Collection name.
  • yourcolumn1- Update your column name.
  • yourtablename - Replace yourtablename with the desired table name in your destination database.
  • query = update your query here.

Please adhere to the steps provided to execute the Python script on the Bold ETL platform .
Python DataFrame into Bold Reports.

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