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How to Connect Zendesk Connector using Bold ETL


Follow the step-by-step process below to connect Zendesk using Bold ETL and use that data sources in Bold Reports.

Step 1: Click on the Bold ETL icon, to open the Bold ETL site in a new tab.



Before that need to configure the destination database.


Step 2: Click Add Project in the left-side panel. Enter the project name and click the tick icon.



Step 3: Click on Project name. It will open yaml editor to configure the source and destination connector configuration.


Step 4: ClickZendeskSupport in left side panel and Add template in right side panel, to add the sample configuration in yaml editor.

Step 5: Remove the Metadata properties if you not using Incremental refresh as like above step 4.

Step 6: Get API token and Oauth token using below.
Grab Zendesk support API token

  • In Zendesk (top right), select Admin Center.
  • Choose "Apps and Integrations.
  • Navigate to APIs and select Zendesk API. Activate “Password access” & “Token access”.
  • Click “Add API token”, add a description, and note down the API token.
  • The token displays just once; note it safely.

Grab Zendesk support OAuth token

  • To get the OAuth token, refer the documentation.

  • Obtain client ID via Zendesk API: send this curl request and note the response’s client ID.

    Alternatively, fetch client ID via OAuth using this.

    To get full token using the client id obtained above, you can follow the instructions here.

curl https://{subdomain} \
-v -u {email_address}:{password} \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
 "token": {
   "client_id": 223443,
   "scopes": [

We’ve set the scope as ‘read’, but you can customize the scope as needed.

In response to the above request you’ll get a full token which can be used to configure Zendesk support.

Step 7: Replace the Zendesk credenitals


Step 8: Click on the Save button and choose the destination DB configured in Data Store settings.


Step 9: Go to Schedules and select Run Now option in the context menu of the data source grid.

Step 10: Logs will be available in Output tab. Click project name in left side panel and switch to Output tab.

Step 11: Zendesk data created as table in destination database and data source will be created in Bold Reports Data Sources named as project name in Bold ETL.



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