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How to Get the CDN Links for Localization and Culture


In the Bold Reports report viewer, you can localize static text, such as tooltips, parameter blocks, and dialog text, and adjust the culture for a more personalized experience. CDN links are provided for localization and culture scripts based on the culture code. These scripts provide language-specific translations and cultural formatting for different regions.

Each culture code represents a specific language and region. For example, ar-AE represents the Arabic language in the United Arab Emirates, cs-CZ represents the Czech language in the Czech Republic, da-DK represents the Danish language in Denmark, and so on.

The content of each script is similar but tailored to the specific culture. The ej.localetexts scripts provide localization resources, such as translated strings and messages used in the user interface. The ej.culture scripts provide culture-specific formatting rules, such as date formats, number formats, currency formats, and other cultural conventions.

These scripts enable user interface customization and formatting based on different languages and regions. The formatting of your code can be adjusted to use the CDN links for localization and culture scripts based on the culture code.

    <script src="{{Bold Reports version}}/scripts/l10n/ej.localetexts.{{Locale code}}.min.js"><script>
    <script src="{{Bold Reports version}}/scripts/i18n/ej.culture.{{Locale code}}.min.js"><script>

To add localization and culture for the ar-AE culture code representing the Arabic language in the United Arab Emirates, use the following CDN links:

    <script src=""><script>
    <script src=""><script>

Make sure to replace the version number in the CDN links with the appropriate version you are using for Bold Reports. If you are using a different version, adjust the version number accordingly.

For more details on available culture codes and localization, refer to the provided CDN links for Localization and Culture page provided.

Note: You can also get the offline localization script and download it from here.
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