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How to resolve the Syncfusion components undefined issue when using the Bold Reporting components


There are two scenarios, in which the Syncfusion components undefined issue can occur. The details of the two scenarios and how to resolve them are provided as follows.

Script reference

If the bold.reports.common.min.js or the bold.reports.widgets.min.js scripts are not properly referred, then this issue can occur. Hence, you need to ensure that these scripts are properly referred within your application, in order to resolve this issue.


Using Bold Reports along with EJ2 components

The Bold Reports uses the Syncfusion EJ1 components for internal, which uses the ej as reference. Hence, while using the EJ2 components along with bold reports ejs should be used as the reference to initialize the EJ2 components.

For example, if you are using the EJ2 grid component along with Bold Reports, then you need to initialize the grid component using the following code sample.

var grid = new ejs.grids.Grid({dataSource: data});


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