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Enabling XML Data Source for Report Designer Control


If you are facing a problem while creating an XML data source for the Report Designer control, you can enable it by following a few simple steps. By default, the XML data source is unavailable in the Report Designer control, and you need to enable it with the control’s properties.

Step 1: Install the BoldReports.Data.WebData, BoldReports.Data.Csv NuGet package.

To enable the XML data source, you need to install the BoldReports.Data.WebData and BoldReports.Data.Csv NuGet packages. You can install these packages from the NuGet Package Manager or run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package BoldReports.Data.WebData
Install-Package BoldReports.Data.Csv

Step 2: Register the extensions in the Report Settings.

After installing the required packages, you need to register the extensions in the Report Settings. You can do this by adding the following code in the startup:

ReportConfig.DefaultSettings = new ReportSettings().RegisterExtensions(new List<string> { "BoldReports.Data.WebData", "BoldReports.Data.Csv" }); 

The above code will register the required extensions, enabling the XML data source for the Report Designer control.

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