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How to Use Offline Scripts Instead of CDN Links


Bold Reports provides the option to use offline scripts instead of CDN links for the reporting application. Offline scripts can be executed without the need for a stable internet connection, making them useful in environments with no internet access. To use offline scripts, follow these steps:

  1. Download the required scripts:

    Download the required scripts from the following link. This package will contain all the necessary scripts and styles for use offline.

  2. Add the scripts and styles in the project folder:

    After downloading the package, extract the files from the package. Copy the Content and Script folders from the extracted files and paste them inside the application.



  3. Replace the offline script instead of the CDN scripts in the html file.

    Refer to the scripts and styles in the Layout.cshtml file by dragging and dropping them from the respective folder.


NOTE: It is important to keep the scripts up to date as Bold Reports may release updates or bug fixes that will incorporate into the offline scripts.

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