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Modifying the Page Orientation of a Report File


Page orientation refers to the layout of a report on a page, either in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) mode. Changing the page orientation can improve the presentation and readability of the report content.

To change the page orientation in a report, you need to modify the XML code associated with the report’s structure. The following steps show how to change the page orientation to landscape:

  1. Open the report in a text editor.

  2. Locate the following XML element:

  1. Change the value of the PageHeight element to 11in.
  2. Change the value of the PageWidth element to 8.5in.
  3. Save the XML file.

The report will now be displayed in landscape orientation when you open it in a reporting tool.

To change the page orientation to portrait, reverse the steps above.

The following table shows the values of the PageHeight and PageWidth properties for different page orientations:

Page orientation PageHeight PageWidth
Portrait 8.5 inches 11 inches
Landscape 11 inches 8.5 inches
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