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How to Create a Multiple Column Report


A multiple column report is a type of report layout in which data is displayed in multiple sets of columns across the page. When the report is printed, the adjacent columns are printed until there is no more free space on a page. However, it is not possible to design a report with a multi-column layout on the top half and a table layout on the bottom half. To create a multiple column report, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Bold Reports designer and create a new report. Add a database-connected data source and configure a new dataset based on that data source.

  2. Add a new table report item to your report and configure it with the dataset. For example, we have added the tablix column within the report design, as shown in the following snap.


  3. In the report design view, open the Report Properties in the properties panel by clicking outside the design area. The multi-column properties are usually listed under the Page Column category in the properties list. In the Columns property, provide the number of columns in the report as shown in the following snap.


  4. After designing the report, click on the Preview button. The report preview will now be displayed as a single column. To view the table in a multi-column layout, click the Print Layout option in the Report Viewer toolbar, as shown in the following screenshot.

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