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How to Use Subreport in Bold Reports Standalone Report Designer


In Bold Reports, a subreport is a report item that can be embedded within another parent report. It allows for the inclusion and integration of additional reports within the main report. Subreports can have their own data sources, parameters, and layout, providing a flexible way to present complex or related data. They enhance the overall functionality and presentation of reports by enabling modular design and the ability to display multiple reports within a single context.

To use a subreport in the Bold Reports Standalone Report Designer, follow these steps:

  1. Drag and drop the subreport into the main report or insert it by right-clicking the report and selecting Insert.


  2. Embed the subreport in the main report by entering the path of the subreport in the main report as shown in the following screenshot. The subreport path must be entered manually by copying and pasting it.


    Use the full path of the subreport.

  3. If you need to pass a parameter from the main report to the subreport, you must manually enter the parameter’s name in the subreport to the main report.


    Enter the parameter name correctly as in the subreport.


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