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How to Set Print Mode as Default in a Blazor Application


By default, Bold Reports renders reports in a normal layout. However, if you desire a print layout as the default option for your reports, you can easily make the switch with Bold Reports.

Bold Reports offers a seamless solution to change the default layout, allowing you to showcase your reports in a print-ready format right from the start. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, Bold Reports empowers you to effortlessly elevate your report printing experience.

To configure the default print layout in a Blazor application with Bold Reports, follow the steps below:

  1. Include the boolean property PrintMode in the BoldReportViewerOptions class. This property allows you to control the print layout settings.


  2. In the Index.razor page, set the value of the PrintMode property to true. This enables the print layout as the default mode for viewing reports.

  3. Open the boldreports-interop.js file and set the value of the printMode to reportViewerOptions.printMode. This ensures that the print layout is set as the default mode in the Blazor application.

  4. Save the changes and run the application.

  5. The report will now be displayed in print mode by default.


By following the steps outlined in this KB article, you can easily set the print layout as the default mode for viewing reports in your Blazor application with Bold Reports.

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