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How to Customize Report Items Based on RenderFormat in Bold Reports


RenderFormat in Bold Reports plays a crucial role in determining how reports are presented and delivered to users. It refers to the various output formats or file types in which reports can be rendered, such as PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, and more.

Conditional formatting further enhances the visual presentation of reports by allowing you to dynamically modify the appearance of report elements based on specific conditions. With Bold Reports, you have the flexibility to apply conditional formatting rules across different RenderFormats. This means that you can control the visibility, color, size, and other properties of report items in different formats, such as PDF, Excel, and Word.

*Expression: The following expression is used to find the rendering format of a report.

= Globals!RenderFormat.Name 

Please find the available RenderFormat in the following Bold Reports:

  • RPL (Report Page Layout)
  • IMAGE (Report Print Layout)
  • PDF
  • WORD
  • HTML
  • PPT
  • CSV
  • XML

In the following example, we have demonstrated the difference between the Page Layout and Print Layout of the same report. Similarly, in all exports, the values change accordingly.


Note: In the above example, we have modified the background color, font weight, and visibility of an image and text box based on the rendering format.

In the following snapshot, we demonstrate how to utilize the render format expression in the visibility property of an image report item.


Please find the Sample report below:

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