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How to Format a Number in Bold Reports


In Bold Reports, you have the ability to format numbers in your reports using the format dialog. This feature allows you to customize the appearance of numbers according to your specific requirements. Here’s a breakdown of the formatting options available and how you can utilize them:


  1. Type: When formatting numbers, you can select the “Number” type, which is specifically designed for numerical values. This ensures that only numbers are displayed, and any non-numeric characters are excluded.
  2. Decimal Places: The “Decimal Places” option allows you to set the limit for the number of decimal places displayed. For example, if you select 2 decimal places and your number is 12345, it will be formatted as 12345.00, with two decimal places added.
  3. Negative Values: This option determines how negative numbers should be represented in the report. You can specify the format for negative numbers, such as enclosing them in parentheses like (123), displaying a negative sign before the number like -123, or placing the negative sign after the number like 123-.
  4. Show Zero: In addition, you can choose whether to display zero values in your report. This option can be helpful when you want to explicitly show that a value is zero, even if it may seem redundant in some cases.
  5. Representation: The “Representation” option provides control over how numbers are represented in the report. For instance, if you have a number like 19001, select the “Thousand” representation and it will be displayed as 19, indicating that it represents 19 thousand.
  6. Regional Formatting: Bold Reports also offers regional formatting options, allowing you to customize number formats based on specific regional conventions. This is especially useful when working with international reports or different regional number formatting standards.
  7. Thousand Separator: The “Thousand Separator” option enables the use of a separator character, typically a comma (,), to improve readability for large numbers. For example, if you have a number like 12345678, it will be formatted as 12,345,678, making it easier to read and understand.

By utilizing these formatting options in Bold Reports, you can effectively present numbers in a way that best suits your reporting needs. The flexibility provided by the format dialog ensures that you can create clear and visually appealing reports with properly formatted numbers.

Customize the number format in pattern (XXX,XXX,XXX.X) :

In Bold Reports, we can also able to customize the number formatting for specific report item. For example, to customize the number format in the following pattern (XXX,XXX,XXX.X) you have to set the below format for that particular report item.

  1. Drag and drop a text box onto your report and set the value to the desired number. For example, let’s use the value 123456789.


  2. Select the text box you added in the previous step. In the properties pane, locate the number format settings. Set the format to “000,000,000.0;(000,000,000.0)”.


  3. Save your changes and preview the report. The report will now render with the customized number format pattern XXX,XXX,XXX.X, applied to the specific report item.


By following these steps, you can easily customize the number format in Bold Reports to display numbers in the pattern XXX,XXX,XXX.X for the desired report item.

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