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How to Hide and Show the Columns of a Tablix Based on the Selected Parameter in Bold Reports


In Bold Reports, you can dynamically hide or show columns within a Tablix based on specific parameters. This functionality allows you to customize the display of data based on user selections or other conditions. It helps you to achieve this column visibility control in Bold Reports.

Follow the steps below to control the visibility of a column in Bold Reports using a multi-value parameter:

  1. Create a report with a Tablix and a multi-value parameter. Assign specific available values as columns to the parameter.


  2. Select the Tablix, then switch the Grouping panel to Advanced mode.


  3. Select the column of the Tablix by clicking on the static column in the Column Grouping panel, then click on the Visible properties expression panel.


  4. In the Visible properties expression panel, Enter this expression =IIf(InStr(Join(Parameters!Parameter.Value, “,”), “Column”) > 0, False, True)

    • Parameters!Parameter.Value - Is your Multiple value parameter value.
    • Column - Is the column value that you previously set in the Parameter available value.


  5. Repeat the Step 3 and 4 for all columns in Tablix.

  6. Run the report and select the parameter to show, or unselect the parameter to hide it.


  7. Find the sample report below.

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