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Adding Custom Fonts in the Bold Reports Enterprise server


The Bold Reports enterprise server is equipped with a comprehensive collection of default fonts to cater to various reporting needs. However, there may arise circumstances where you require the inclusion of specific fonts within the server. To address this, Bold Reports offers a straightforward process for adding custom fonts to enhance your reporting capabilities.

The following comprehensive instructions will guide you through the process of incorporating custom fonts into the Enterprise Server:

  1. Download the custom fonts .ttf file and install that file for installation for all users, as shown in the following snap.


  2. Create a new folder named custom-fonts at the below-mentioned location.

    {Installed Location}\BoldServices\app_data\reporting\configuration

  3. Place the custom font file in the newly created “custom-fonts” folder.

  4. Locate the config.xml file within the following path.

    {Installed Location}\BoldServices\app_data\reporting\configuration\config.xml

  5. Modify the config.xml file to include the custom font folder path, as shown in the following snap.


    In the key, use the file Title as shown in the following snap.


  6. Finally, run the server, and the custom font is included in the enterprise server.


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