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Customizing Report Viewer Theme in a WPF Application


The WPF application includes a Report Viewer control that enables users to view and interact with reports. To achieve a customized appearance, you can modify various properties such as font styles, colors, and layout. By adjusting these properties, you can create a visually appealing report viewer that aligns with your application’s specific needs.

The following are the instructions to customize the background color of the report viewer and toolbar:

Customizing the Background Color for Normal and Print Layout Mode
  1. Add the ExternalTemplate.xaml file to your WPF application. You can download the file from here.

  2. Open the downloaded ExternalTemplate.xaml file and modify the necessary properties to customize the background color. You can change the background color for the print by locating the relevant section and modifying the background color property.

  3. Register the style in your MainWindow.xaml file. Refer to the following image for an example:

  4. Save the changes and run the WPF application. You will now observe that the report viewer and toolbar possess the customized background color you specified. See the following image for an example:



Customizing the background color of the Toolbar.
  1. Locate the toolbar item property in the ExternalTemplate.xaml and Customize toolbar properties according to your specific needs.


Please note that the steps above may require further customization based on your requirements. You can download the sample application from here.

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