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How to Add a Serial Number in a Matrix


In a matrix, a serial number refers to a unique identifier assigned to each group of rows or columns. This serial number has various uses, such as organizing or labeling the groups within the matrix.

To add a serial number to a matrix, you need to assign a unique identifier to each element in the matrix structure. This serial number allows for easy referencing and access to individual elements. Follow these steps to add a serial number column to the Matrix in Bold Reports:

  1. Locate the cell in the matrix where you want the serial number to appear.

  2. Click on the cell to select it. In the properties panel or toolbar, find the Expression option for the cell.

  3. Click on the Expression option to open the expression editor. Enter the following expression to generate the serial number and click OK.

      =RunningValue(Fields!ProductID.Value, CountDistinct, "DataSet1")


Note: This expression uses the RunningValue function to calculate a running total or aggregate within a specified scope. It generates a unique number for each row in the matrix.

  1. Save and preview the report to see the serial number column in action.

By following these steps, you will be able to add a serial number column to a matrix in Bold Reports using the RunningValue function. The serial numbers will be generated based on the specified field and the running value calculation.

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