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How to Show Percentage Values in a Pie Chart in Bold Reports


In Bold Reports, you can display the percentage values in a pie chart report item. By default, pie charts in Bold Reports do not show percentage values. However, you can enable the “Show Data Label” property and set the format to “#PERCENT” to display the percentage values in the pie chart. This feature is particularly useful when comparing different data sets using pie charts, as it allows users to easily see the proportion of each data point relation to the total.


Follow the below steps to achieve this requirement:

  1. Create a report with a pie chart report-item and provide the necessary data for the chart.
  2. Once the data has been provided for the pie chart report item, navigate to the “Choose Series” section in the Properties pane and click the “Edit” button.

After providing value for the chart report item only, the Choose Series values will be assigned.

  1. Once clicked on the Edit button. The Series properties will be shown like below snap.
  2. In the “Data Label settings” section, check the “Show Data Label” checkbox.
  3. Enabling the Show Data Label will reveal more properties. Now, navigate to the Label property and set it to “#PERCENT” to display the percentage values.

You can customize the label format as per your requirement. By default, #PERCENT will be applied for pie chart report item.

  1. Save and preview the report. The percentage values will now be shown in the pie chart.

For pie chart report item, the Label property is set as #PERCENT by default. For other chart report items, you need to manually set the Label property as “#PERCENT”. Also, for other chart report items, you must uncheck the “UseValueAsLabel” checkbox.


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