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Export the report as a text file in the Bold Reports


In an embedded application, there may be situations where you need to export reports as text files. Although the Bold Reports might not provide a direct option for exporting tables as text files, you can achieve this by leveraging the CSV (Comma-Separated Values) export functionality. CSV export allows you to generate text files.

To set up report options for exporting reports as text files in an embedded application, use the code provided below. In your embedded application, navigate to the ReportViewerController file. In this file, locate the OnInitReportOptions method.

Code snippet:

public void OnInitReportOptions(ReportViewerOptions reportOption)
            reportOption.ReportModel.CsvOptions = new BoldReports.Writer.CsvOptions()
                Encoding = System.Text.Encoding.Default,
                FileExtension = ".txt"

By utilizing the CSV export features in the viewer, you can successfully export the report as a text file as shown in the below snapshot.


Click here to download the sample application.

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