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Customize the Start Day of the Week in DatePicker


Bold Reports provides a comprehensive resource on customizing the starting day of the week in your calendar using the WeekStartDay feature in DatePicker. By leveraging these customizable properties, you can easily adjust your calendar to begin on your desired day, resulting in enhanced productivity and a more efficient planning process.

Initially, the calendar will display Sunday as the starting day of the week, as shown in the image below.


To modify this setting, follow these steps:

  1. In the report, click the grey area and select Set Attributes from the custom attributes options in the basic settings section.


  2. Use the custom property WeekStartDay and set its value to 1, as demonstrated in the image below.


    Refer to the table below for the corresponding numbers to designate the starting day of the calendar.

    WeekStartDay Day
    1 Monday
    2 Tuesday
    3 Wednesday
    4 Thursday
    5 Friday
    6 Saturday
    7 Sunday
  3. Click on Preview to observe the output, which will reflect the beginning of the week on Monday.


Bold Reports provides support for this feature starting from version 4.2.86.

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