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How to Display Serial Numbers in Matrix Grouping


It allows users to categorize and track data efficiently, making it particularly useful in inventory management, sales analysis, and production tracking. By assigning unique identifiers to each row within specific groups, SSRS enables better organization, improves data readability, and aids in making informed decisions based on the structured information. Whether it’s managing projects, tracking student performance, or analyzing survey data, incorporating serial numbers in matrix grouping provides a clearer picture of the data’s order and enhances reporting capabilities. To maintain order and facilitate reference within a matrix grouping, it’s often necessary to display serial numbers or sequential identifiers. Follow these step-by-step instructions to display serial numbers in matrix grouping:

  1. Create your matrix with the necessary data and groupings based on your requirements.


  2. Select the text box where you want to display the serial numbers.


  3. Within the selected text box, enter the following expression. This expression will generate the serial numbers based on the SubCat field and count distinct values within the ProductCategory group.



  1. After running the report, you should see the matrix with serial numbers displayed in the specified text box.

You can download the above report from here.

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