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How to Use the Abbreviations 'K,' 'M,' or 'B' Instead of the Complete Numeric Values for Thousand, Million, or Billion in Bold Reports


Formatting numeric values in reports can significantly improve their readability and comprehension. When working with large numbers, it is often advantageous to utilize abbreviations like K (thousand), M (million), or B (billion) instead of displaying the entire numeric values. In Bold Reports, you can achieve this formatting by utilizing expressions. This formatting can be applied to various elements in the report, including tables, text boxes, chart data labels, and more.


=IIf((Fields!field.Value) >= 1000000000, (Format((Fields!field.Value / 1000000000), "#,##0.##") + "B"),
   IIf((Fields!field.Value) >= 1000000, (Format((Fields!field.Value / 1000000), "#,##0.##") + "M"),
   IIf((Fields!field.Value) >= 1000, (Format((Fields!field.Value / 1000), "#,##0.##") + "K"),


In the following example, formatting has been applied to the value displayed in the TextBox and the data label within the chart.


To download the above report design, click here.

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