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Customize the Start Day of the Week in DatePicker in Embedded Applications


Bold Reports offers a comprehensive solution for customizing the starting day of the week in date-time parameters using the WeekStartDay feature in DatePicker. With the flexibility of these properties, you can effortlessly tailor your calendar to begin on your preferred day, leading to increased productivity and a more efficient planning process.

By default, the calendar displays Sunday as the starting day of the week, as shown in the image below:


To customize the start day of the week in a Blazor application, follow these steps:


  1. In the BoldReportViewerOptions.cs file, create a property to store the WeekStartDay value. This property determines the start day of the week for the date picker:

  2. In the Index.razor file, assign the desired value to the WeekStartDay property. This setting ensures that the date picker starts on the desired day.
    Refer to the table below for the corresponding numbers to designate the starting day of the calendar.

    WeekStartDay Day
    1 Monday
    2 Tuesday
    3 Wednesday
    4 Thursday
    5 Friday
    6 Saturday
    7 Sunday
  3. In the boldreports-interop.js file, configure the parameterSettings to include the weekStartDay parameter.

  4. Save the changes and run the application.


Java Script:

  1. Set the desired value for the weekStartDay property in parameterSettings.
  1. Save the changes and run the application.
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