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How to Filter Chart Data Using the Like Operator in Bold Reports


In Bold Reports, the chart report item can filter the data using the Like operator on the category axis. This feature allows users to retrieve specific records that match certain criteria, making it easier to analyze and present relevant data in chart reports. By following these steps, you can customize your charts to display only the data that ends with, starts with, or contains specific values. This filtering functionality can be used to quickly and easily retrieve the data that is relevant to the user, helping users to save time and effort when working with large datasets.

To achieve this requirement, follow the steps below:

  1. Drag and drop the chart report item onto the report design surface.
  2. Pass the data for the chart report item as per your requirements.
  3. To filter the specific data in the chart’s category axis, click the settings icon in the Column section, and then click the Filters.
  4. Now, set the filter for your specific field to retrieve only the filtered data. In the example provided, the Name field is filtered using the Like operator to filter only the records with name ends with Race.
  5. For the value field in the filter, you have to set the below expression (This expression will retrieve all the records which ends with Race).
    ="*" + "Race"
  6. Click OK, save, and preview the report.

Similarly, you can retrieve all the data that starts with specific values or starts or ends with specific values by using the expression in the table below.

Like Operator Scenarios Format
Filter the Start or End Value =“*” + “Value” + *
Filter with Start Value =“Value” + “*”
Filter With End Value =“*” + “Value”

For example, to filter all the data that starts with Flat, you can use the expression as shown below.



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