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How to Create a Trendline Chart in Bold Reports


A trendline chart is a graphical representation that displays trends and patterns in data over a continuous period, often involving time-based intervals. It involves plotting data points on a graph and connecting them with a line that highlights the overall direction of the data’s movement.

In the report viewer, support is provided for rendering Trendline charts, allowing users to generate chart reports with customized user-defined attributes.

Setting Custom Attributes - Prototype:
To set custom attributes for the Trendline chart, use the following prototype:

AttributeName1 = AttributeValue1, AttributeName2 = AttributeValue2

Follow these steps to create a trendline chart using custom attributes in the Bold Reports:

  1. Drag and drop the line chart from the chart panel.


  2. Add the values to the chart from the dataset.


  3. Select the chart series for which you want to change the trendline.


  4. To set the custom properties, click on the icon mentioned below.


  5. Configure the custom properties as shown in the image below.


  6. Use the below mentioned custom attributes.

    AttributeName AttributeValue
    TrendlineLegendText TrendLegend
    Visibility Visible
    ShowTrendlineLegend true
    EnableTrendLine true
    TrendlinePeriod 1
    TrendlineType MovingAverage
    TrendlineBackwardCast 10
    TrendlineColor Red
    TrendlinePolynomialOrder 1
    TrendlineForwardCast 1
    TrendlineWidth 3
    TrendlineOpacity 2
    TrendlineTooltip true
    TrendlineStrokeDashArray 1


  7. Click the Preview button to see the output.


  8. Click here to download the report.

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