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Applying Conditional Formatting to Charts in Bold Reports


Conditional formatting in charts in Bold Reports enhances data visualization by highlighting specific data points or ranges based on predefined conditions. This knowledge base article provides a step-by-step guide on leveraging Bold Reports’ features to create visually compelling and informative charts.

Follow these steps to apply conditional formatting to a chart widget:

  1. Configure the chart report item by dragging and dropping it from the report item panel and then navigate to the Properties tab.

  2. Create a Report Parameter.

  3. Navigate to the properties panel, choose your desired series, and then click on the edit icon to access the series properties settings.


  4. Click on the rectangle box at the right side of Series Color and choose Expression.


  5. Use the IIF expression with a field value in the expression editor popup and click Save.

    =IIF(Fields!YourFieldValue.Value >= 500," #FF0000","#0000FF")
  6. While previewing the report after applying the conditional formatting, the chart report item will now render with the specified colors based on the condition you have set.


  7. You can download a sample report below:

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