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Customizing Report Designer Widgets in Bold Reports Designer Application


Users can customize the widgets in the Bold Reports Designer application to meet their specific needs. By using the getDefaultItemPanelList function, unnecessary widgets can be removed, leaving only the essential ones for report creation.

This customization simplifies the interface for specific users, enhances the user experience by creating a more focused design environment, and tailors the application to specific reporting requirements by reducing clutter and distractions.

To learn how to customize the Bold Reports Designer application in this way, refer to this knowledge base article.

Steps to Customize Report Designer Widgets:

  1. Follow our ASP .NET Core Report Designer help documentation to create a new report designer application.
  2. Created a “designerPanel.js” file with the “getDefaultItemPanelList” function and attached here.
  3. In your report designer application, add the above-attached designerPanel.js file under the scripts folder.
  4. Reference the added script file in your _Layout.cshtml file as shown below.

Ensure that the path in the src attribute matches the location of your “designerPanel.js” file.

5.Open the designerPanel.js file and customize the widgets within the getDefaultItemPanelList function according to your specific requirements. You can remove, add, or customize widgets as needed. In our example, designer widgets code for both image and rectangle widgets has been removed.


By default, inside the Basic Items widgets, it has four elements Textbox, Line, Image, and Rectangle. In this example, both Image and Rectangle has been removed.

  1. Save the changes to your designerPanel.js file. Build and run your report designer application to see the customized widgets in action.


For a sample application, please download it from here.

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