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How to Convert Minutes to Days:Hours:Minutes Format in Bold Reports


Bold Reports empowers users to transform and display data in various formats, ensuring intuitive and easy-to-understand representations, especially when dealing with time-related information. This article provides a guide on converting time values in minutes to a more readable format of days, hours, and minutes (dd:HH:mm) within Bold Reports.

To achieve this, you will need to input an expression in the report element, such as a textBox or a tablix element, to convert minutes into days, hours, and minutes. Use the following expressions:




   =Int((Fields!YourMinutesField.Value Mod 1440) / 60)


   =Fields!YourMinutesField.Value Mod 60

Days:Hours: Minutes

   =Int(Fields!YourMinutesField.Value/1440) & " Days " & Int((Fields!YourMinutesField.Value Mod 1440) / 60) & " Hours " & Fields!YourMinutesField.Value Mod 60 + " Minutes"

Consider you have a field called duration that contains the time value in minutes. You can create three fields using the expressions mentioned above to display the time in days, hours, and minutes.


Converting minutes to a days:hours:minutes format in Bold Reports enhances the readability and comprehension of time-related data in your reports. By following the steps outlined above, you can effectively present time data in a format that is easily understandable for your viewers.

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