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Displaying Each Data Series as a Separate Chart Type in Bold Reports


In Bold Reports, you can display each data series as its unique chart type. This feature enables the integration of different chart elements, such as columns, lines, bars, and more, into a unified representation, facilitating enhanced data analysis and presentation. Below are the detailed steps to accomplish this:

Steps to Use Two Different Chart Types in a Single Chart in Bold Reports:

  1. Configure your datasource and dataset for the report.
  2. Add a chart item by dragging and dropping it from the item panel into the design interface.
  3. Select the chart and assign the data to the Y Value(s) and Column, as shown in the image below.
  4. Go to the Property Panel. Under the Basic Settings category, select the series for which you want to change the chart type from the dropdown menu. Click the highlighted edit icon to access the series property settings.
  5. From the dropdown menu, select the desired chart type for the selected series. A confirmation dialog will appear; click “Yes.” You can choose from various chart types based on your visualization needs.

  6. Preview the report to observe the two charts combined in a single chart.

Download a sample report from the link below:

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