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How to Use the Count Value in a Chart in Bold Reports


In Bold Reports, simplify the interpretation of pass and fail data by using the count method to quantify passed values and present them visually in charts. This approach enhances data clarity and facilitates quicker comprehension for end users, making your reports more effective and user-friendly.

Following these steps to use the count value in the chart:

  1. To create the new chart, start by dragging it from the report items panel. When setting up the chart, ensure to select the Count option in the axis values, as demonstrated in the image below.


  2. After configuring the chart, enable the data label option to present label values in percentage format, as indicated in the accompanying image.


  3. Once you’ve completed these steps, click the Preview button to see the output. The pie chart will display values in count value based on the result status.


  4. Click here to download the sample report for your reference.

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