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How to Use CheckBox in a Report with Bold Reports


Utilizing the checkbox feature in Bold Reports Report provides significant benefits for enhancing report visualization, especially when dealing with Boolean fields. It is essential to employ the Wingdings font to ensure optimal utilization of the checkbox functionality. For effective utilization of the checkbox in Bold Reports, kindly refer to the following guidelines.

Checkbox Creation

The VB (Visual Basic) programming language is primarily used to build expressions in Bold Reports for creating the checkboxes. The Chr function is used to convert ANSI codes into characters.

  • Chr(254) corresponds to the Wingdings character representing a checked state (☑).
  • Chr(168) corresponds to the Wingdings character representing an unchecked state (☐).
  • Chr(9746) corresponds to the Wingdings character representing a crossed state (☒).
Changing Font to Wingdings

Change the font of the textbox to “Wingdings.” This ensures that the Wingdings character is used, providing the appropriate representation for checked and unchecked states.


Using Chr Function in Conditional Expression

Use the Chr function in a Conditional Expression within a textbox. For example:

=IIF(Fields!Field1.Value, Chr(254), Chr(168))

It will produce an output similar to the image shown below:


The sample report is attached here.

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