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How to Hide Report Header after the First Page in Bold Reports


In Bold Reports, it is possible to display the report header only on the first page and hide it on subsequent pages. This approach is beneficial for presenting logos or main headings only on the first page while saving space and enhancing readability on subsequent pages. Understanding and implementing this functionality enhances the overall user experience and presentation of reports generated using Bold Reports.

To achieve this requirement, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a report and add a report header section in it.
  2. Within the report header section, add a simple text box report item.
  3. Click on the text box report item within the header section and navigate to the visibility property.
  4. Set the visibility expression to display the header content only on the first page using the following expression:
=IIf(Globals!PageNumber = 1, FALSE, TRUE)

This expression evaluates whether the current page number is 1. If it is the first page, the visibility is set to False (show header content); otherwise, it is set to True (hide header content).

  1. Save the changes and preview the report.


Page 1:


Page 2:


Users can customize the visibility of header items on any page as needed. For example, to show the header only on the second page, modify the visibility expression to =IIf(Globals!PageNumber = 2, FALSE, TRUE). Also, note that in the preview, the header report item content space will be shown because it is hidden but not completely removed.

A sample report has been attached here for your reference.

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