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How to Display All Field Values in a Textbox


Many users prefer to display all field values in a text box. This requirement can be achieved using a combination of the LookupSet function and the Join function. Follow the steps below to show all field values in the text box:

  1. Begin by selecting the desired text box where you intend to showcase all field values. Right-click on it and select Expression.


  2. Embed the following expression into the text box to showcase all the values with comma-separated:


    =Join(LookupSet(1, 1, Fields!Name.Value, "DataSet1"), ", ")

Be sure to substitute Fields!Name.Value with the relevant field name from your dataset and "DataSet1" with your dataset’s identifier.

  1. Preview the report to see the comma-separated values displayed within the text box.


The above-designed report can be downloaded here.

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