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How to Filter Consecutive Duplicate Values in Bold Reports


Bold Reports provides powerful tools to enhance the readability and clarity of your reports, including filtering out consecutive duplicate values. This article demonstrates achieve this using expressions within your report dataset fields.

Below is a step-by-step guide to filter consecutive duplicate values:

1. Identify the target cell

Identify and select the tablix cell to which you want to display the filtered values. This cell should be bound to the dataset field containing the consecutive duplicate values.


2. Define the Expression

Click on the expressions menu to open the expression builder. In the expression editor, enter the following expression to define the field value expression.


=IIf(Fields!YourField.Value = Previous(Fields!YourField.Value), "", Fields!YourField.Value)


  • This is the conditional function that evaluates whether the current value is equal to the previous value. If it is, an empty string (“”) is returned, effectively filtering out the consecutive duplicate value. If it’s not, the current value is displayed.
  • Replace YourField with the name of your dataset field containing the duplicate values.

3. Save and Preview the Report

After applying the expression and formatting, preview the report to ensure that consecutive duplicate values are filtered out as expected.


Filtering consecutive duplicate values in reports using Bold Reports enhances readability and improves the effectiveness of data presentation. Implement these steps to efficiently filter consecutive duplicate values and provide clearer insights into your data analysis.

For your reference, you can download the sample report here.

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