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How to Display All Records on a Single Page in Bold Reports


This article explains how to display all records from your dataset on a single page within a Bold Reports report. While convenient, this approach might not be ideal for very large datasets due to performance concerns.

Setting Interactive Height to 0

  1. Start by accessing the report settings and enable the Interactive Size option. This setting allows for dynamic adjustment of the report’s dimensions based on user interaction.

    Enable Interactive Size

  2. Set the height parameter to 0, ensuring that the report layout is optimized for displaying all content on a single page seamlessly.

    Adjust Height

  3. Preview the report to ensure that all content is effectively displayed within a single page layout.

    Preview Report

Note: While this approach enhances accessibility by consolidating all information onto one page, it’s essential to exercise caution with extremely large datasets. Loading excessively large datasets may lead to performance issues such as prolonged loading times or potential system instability.

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