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How to Hide Specific Report Items Based on User Input in Bold Reports


In Bold Reports, it is possible to conditionally hide specific Tablix report items based on user input. This functionality allows you to control data visibility within reports, providing flexibility and information security. By utilizing visibility expressions and parameters, you can tailor your reports to meet diverse user needs efficiently. It helps to customize the report view for different user roles or preferences, ensuring users only see relevant data, thus simplifying navigation and increasing usability.

To achieve this requirement, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new Boolean parameter named "HideTablix" to control the visibility of the Tablix report item based on user input.
  2. Design the report layout according to your requirements. In the provided example, a report with a single Tablix report item is created.
  3. Click on the Tablix properties and set the visibility using the following expression.

  1. Save and preview the report.

In the given example, if the “HideTablix” parameter is set to true, the Tablix report item will be hidden; if set to false, it will be displayed.

Output :
When the user disables the “HideTablix” parameter and then views the report, the report will preview with Tablix report data.


When the user enables the “HideTablix” parameter and then views the report, the report will preview without Tablix report data.

For reference, the sample report is also attached here.

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