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How to Export a Report to CSV Without Including the Table Header in an On-Premises Report Server


In Bold Reports, users can export reports to a CSV document without including a table header. Exporting reports to CSV format is a common requirement for many users of Bold Reports On-Premise. By default, when exporting reports to CSV, the table headers are included as default detailed rows cell names like “TextBox4”, “TextBox5”, etc., which may not always be necessary or desired by users. However, with Bold Reports, users have the flexibility to export reports without table headers, providing a cleaner and more focused data representation. It provides a streamlined view of data when exporting reports, especially for large datasets where table headers may occupy unnecessary space.

To achieve this requirement, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new report with a tablix report item on your on-premise report server.

By default, when exporting the report to a CSV document, the detail row textboxes names will render as column name. Refer to the design snap below for clarification.

Design Snap:



CSV Export:

  1. Publish the report to your on-premise report server.
  2. Navigate to the report listing page and edit the specific report in XML format using the “Edit as XML” option on your on-premise report server.

  3. Search for the names TextBox4 and TextBox5 (all detail row textboxes) in it using the “Search” option and add the new property “DataElementName” with a blank value, as shown in the snapshot below:

<DataElementName> </DataElementName>

In the example, there are only two detail row cells, Textbox4 and TextBox5 respectively. The same must be done for all detail row cells if they contain many columns in the tablix report item.

  1. Publish the changes and export the report to a CSV document. The report will now export without the table header.

For reference, the sample report is attached here.

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