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How to Retrieve Favorite Reports via API in Bold Reports


Bold Reports provides REST APIs for programmatically accessing and managing various reporting resources, enabling developers to automate tasks and integrate report functionalities within applications.

To efficiently retrieve and display your favorite reports from the Bold Reports API, you can utilize Postman, a popular API client. This guide will walk you through the process of using the Bold Reports API to list report details specifically for reports marked as favorites.

Steps to Retrieve Favourite Reports

Before retrieving favorite reports via the API, you need to acquire the list of report details. Follow these steps to get the list of items:

  1. Open the Postman application and create a new GET HTTP request.

  2. Before sending the request, you must have an access token. Follow the instructions to generate an access token for the Bold Reports Server using the API.

  3. In the Authorization tab of Postman, select the Bearer Token type and paste the generated access token into the token field.


  4. To get the list of items in the report, the request URL should follow this format, where you need to replace placeholders with actual values:


Note: Replace {BoldReportsUrl} with the base URL of your Bold Reports server and <site_identifier> with your actual site identifier to construct the full URL for which you want to retrieve reports.

  1. Click the Send button in Postman to execute the request. The response will contain the report details in JSON format.

  2. Within the JSON response, search for “IsFavorite”: true to identify the favorite reports.


By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can successfully display favorite reports using the Bold Reports API.

Note: You can download the cURL command code from here.

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