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Displaying Labels Outside Chart in Bold Reports


Bold Reports offers powerful charting capabilities to visualize data effectively. One common requirement is to display data labels outside the chart area for better readability. This article explains how to customize the label positions.

Steps to Display Labels Outside in Bold Reports

  1. Select the chart in your report, in the properties panel, click on the edit icon to access the series property settings.


  2. Navigate to Miscellaneous category and click on Set Attributes. In the Custom Attributes dialog, add the following custom attribute as shown in the snap below.


Name = PieLabelStyle 
Value = Outside

Note: By default, chart labels are displayed inside the chart.

  1. Preview the chart to ensure that the labels are now displayed outside the chart area.

By following these steps, you can easily customize label positions in Bold Reports chart items, ensuring a clearer and more organized representation of your data.

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